6- All Clients Demographic Information: Household Poverty Level

The section below contains information about one of the tabs in the Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI) Report.

Reminder: For each visit a KDHE Program Visit Form and a Service Form must be completed with matching Date of Activity and the correct program selection to ensure that all clients/visits are counted in reports.
Note: Instructions for accessing underlying client level data and downloading PDF versions of reports are available in the DAISEY TA Brief “Using Reports for Quality Assurance”.

6- All Clients Demographic Information: Household Poverty Level

Data Source

All Clients Household Poverty Level is calculated from ‘Annual Household Income’ and ‘Household Size’ on the KDHE Program Visit Form for clients who have ‘Pregnancy Maintenance (PMI)’ listed as ‘Program’ on the KDHE Program Visit Form during the date range. New Enrollees are indicated on a PMI Service Form matching the Date of Activity on the Visit Form.

Form: PMI Service Form


  • New Enrollee?

Form: KDHE Program Visit Form

  • Program
  • Household Size
  • Annual Household Income

Troubleshooting Tip

This chart shows the number of clients who were new enrollees during the date range, as well as clients who had visits but were not new enrollees during the date range.  To get the total number of clients who had visits during the date range for each category, add the sections of the bars together.

Household poverty is calculated based on federal poverty guidelines for each year.  The correct calculation is applied based on the date range selected.

Remember, clients should only be indicated as a ‘New Enrollee’ on the PMI Service Form one time (their first visit).  If users mark a client as a ‘New Enrollee’ on multiple PMI Service forms, that client will be counted multiple times in this report.  This data should be corrected to ensure good quality of data in this report.

Clients appearing in the Unknown/Missing category are missing household size and/or annual household income information completed on their Visit Form.  This information should be updated to ensure high quality of data for this report.

Only household poverty categories that are in the data are represented on the graphs and/or tables.

An asterisk (*) in your report indicates that your organization has created one or more PMI Service forms that have more than one KDHE Program Visit form for the same client, on the same date, with conflicting information in the ‘Household Size’ or ‘Annual Household Income’ field.  This should be corrected (either by deleting the KDHE Program Visit form that was created in error, correcting the Activity Date or Program selection on the KDHE Program Visit Form, or correcting the household size or annual household income selection on one of the forms) to ensure high quality of data for this report.