4- Becoming a Mom Service Form – Missing Data Report

The section below contains information about one of the reports or tabs in the Data Quality Report.

Note: Underlying client information is included in each of these reports, however you can still access underlying client data in Excel format just as with other reports.  Instructions for accessing underlying client level data and downloading PDF versions of reports are available in the DAISEY TA Brief “Using Reports for Quality Assurance”.

4- Becoming a Mom Service Form—Missing Data Report

Corresponding Program Visit Form

This report displays the percentage of corresponding Program Visit Forms completed for each BaM Service Form.

Reminder: Data will not pull in to other BaM reports unless there is a KDHE Program Visit form with the BaM program selected and matching the Date of Activity of the BaM Service Form.  To ensure quality of data in other BaM reports, use this report to ensure there is a corresponding Visit form for each session attendance completed in the BaM Service Form.

Chart Navigation

In the client list under the chart Corresponding Forms are blue and instances of No Corresponding Form are orange.

The filters on the right side of the page (Date of Activity, Grantee, and Organization) also apply to the client list. To filter the client list under the chart click on the bar of the category for which you want to see the associated client list. Click on the bar of the category again to reset the client list before clicking on a different bar in the chart. To clear the Date of Activity, Grantee, and Organization filters click the Revert symbol at the bottom of the screen.

Revert Symbol

Revert Symbol

When hovering over a bar in the chart a pop-up box will appear with the counts of data in that category.