17- Healthy Start Home Visits: Education Provided

The section below contains information about one of the tabs in the Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Report.

Reminder: For each visit a KDHE Program Visit Form and a Service Form must be completed with matching Date of Activity and the correct program selection to ensure that all clients/visits are counted in reports.
Note: Instructions for accessing underlying client level data and downloading PDF versions of reports are available in the DAISEY TA Brief “Using Reports for Quality Assurance”.

17- Healthy Start Home Visits: Education Provided

Data Source

Education Provided During Healthy Start Home Visits is calculated from ‘Is this a Healthy Start Service?’ and ‘Education Provided’ selected on the MCH Service Form during the date range.

Form: MCH Service Form

  • Is this a Healthy Start Service?
  • Education Provided

Troubleshooting Tip

This report shows all education provided at all Healthy Start Home Visits during the selected date range.  It is not unduplicated by client or visit.  This is a subset of education provided at all MCH visits.